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Phone IVR to WA Integration

You can integrate Promptchat with your phone system so that customers who call your phone number will have the option to start a WhatsApp chat with your support team instead of having to continue to wait on the phoneline to get connected to a phone operator. This article explains what You the Promptchat account holder needs to provide to your Phone System Provider.

Create a WhatsApp trigger in your chatbot builder #

Create API token #

In this example we use’s WhatsApp API. Go to your Account and add your phone. Retrieve Token.

Create WhatsApp integration for your chatbot in your Promptchat account #

Make sure you use the SMSchat WhatsApp integration (Not a web or Telegram integration)

Paste the SMSchat WA token in the configure tab of the integration to reveal the Token for External API calls.

And then you will see the Token for external API calls.

Now you are ready to send information to End User to integrate with their Phone system #

You will need to use Method: POST and a URL as below (Use your own Chat Server’s subdomain)

Send the Phone number (The WhatsAPP message sender number) and the trigger name you set in your chatbot: WACall in body

Send the Integration Token in the Header #

Send the Accept and Content-type keys in addition to the Authorization.