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Create a full page Chatbot landing page

Any chatbot you create is automatically available as a full page landing page. Full page landing page chatbots are great for collecting reviews, sending questionnaires or offer booking forms.

Take for example the recruitment industry where landing page chatbots are used for applicant screening. You can build a chatbot and share this page with applicants via SMS, EMail, WhatsApp etc… Applicants will go through the chatbot and as simple as that you have screened a hundred applicants within just a few hours. Here is an example to an applicant screener chatbot:

You will find this chatbot template in your Promptchat account.

Use Create from Template

Create a Web Integration for this chatbot #

Once you have built your chatbot, you will now need to create a new Web integration for it.

Go to the Integrations tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

Add a new Intergation
Select Web
Fill in all fields
You have to have a ready made Chatbox Configuration

Go to your Integrations Tab and select Chat Page #

This will take you to the link where you will find your chatbot available as a full page chatbot. Copy the hyperlink and you are ready to share it with your audience.

Select Chat Page

You will see the hyperlink to the page in the following step

Copy the link to the landing page