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Google Sheets Integration – Server Admins

Integrate your chatbot with Google sheets to record all user inputs (variables) in a Google sheet.

Create a new project on #

  • Log in to your Google account on
  • Click on APIs & Services
  • Create a New Project
  • Enable APSs and Services (Google Sheets API and Google Drive API)
  • Click on Credentials and select OAuth client ID
  • Configure External OAuth screen
  • Enter App info for Consent screen
  • Enter (pre-register) the authorized domain
  • Add scopes (Google Drive API and Google Sheets API)
  • Add User(s)
  • Back to Crednetials and select OAuth Client iD
  • Download OAuth client JSON

Create Credentials
OAuth Client ID
Configure consent
Choose External OAuth consent
Enter App info for Consent Screen
Enter (pre-register) the authorized domain
Add Scopes
Select the Google Drive API and Google Sheets API
After Update on the previous screen, you can Save and Continue
Add Users
Enter User’s email address
Move on once you added the User(s)
Download JSON

Upload Google Application Token to your Promptchat Server #

Click the Google application token and upload your JSON file
Upload and Save

Add your Google Account #

Log out of the Server Admin area and log in to your Promptchat account as an end user.

Add your Google Account as a user