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WhatsApp integration

In this article we will show you how to set up your iOS/Android phone as a linked device via your account so that you can use your WhatsApp number with your chatbot.

For testing and prototyping purposes you can use your own number.

Create chatbot(s) for your own WhatsApp number(s)

Share incoming messages of one WhatsApp number amongst your team members for live/async messaging

Broadcast WhatsApp messages one by one or send mass WhatsApp messages

Send WhatsApp campaigns (drip marketing via WhatsApp)

Schedule updates, alerts and notifications via WhatsApp

When finished testing create a Twilio account and launch your WhatsApp bot using the
supported official WhatsApp business API by Twilio.

Start on #

You can start testing your Promptchat built WhatsApp chatbot immediately with an account. There is a free plan available.

● Register a free account.

● Verify your email address (Use the same browser)

● Subscribe to a WhatsApp Gateway free trial plan

Go to the WhatsApp Gateway tab and click on “Add”

● Enter your Country code and your phone number and click Submit.

● You will be shown a QR code (can take a minute or two for the QR code to appear)

Use your phone to scan the QR code provided by your SMSchat account #

Open WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Business)

  • Go to Settings (bottom menu)
  • Tap Linked Devices and then
  • The Link a Device button
  • Scan the QR code

● Take your token from the top left corner. This is unique to your phone and you will need to use it with your Promptchat Integration.

Create the WhatsApp integration in your Promptchat account #

Log in to your Promptchat account and go to the Integrations Tab.